Versuri Night In Gales - Razor

Album: Night In Gales - Razor

razor...into the fire
fire...burning so bright
is this mournful being
like mine was before ?
eyes shut forever
infesting imagination inside
where serenity fades
seraph...into the abyss
no god will rise above
to give forgiveness
to this essence of damnation
isn't it art to feel what is live
to feel the warmth of floodlight
in this nondivine cosmos ?

i deny i'm divine i defy a lie
to punish all extinction
humanity, release my agony

in the name of fire, burn me !
eternity has just begun
oblivion, when i see the sun
turn your eyes and feel
your wounds bleeding
extinguish the torment
of this hell, which never ends
with crimes you content
and suck the blood of
unnatural innoncence
emotions like silence calling
shadows in motion
burn this vision of thee
and take what's in your chaotic heart
take this starlike beauty
in this world of decay
show me disorder
'til sunlight breakes my eyes
with silent fury...

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