Versuri Night In Gales - The Dustcrown

Album: Night In Gales - Thunderbeast

strike him down !
plunder the palace on crystaltide's eve !
brigants be crowned as scarletwinged starthieves

the carrionking's clarions are chanting from afar
preluding pestilential war
a parade of starstruck tyrants and havoc's ambassadors

he's a starslayer, none so vile
a charming chaser of the furyspies

his teartempest's trophy...
...the steelwolves' skycries

bring me the head of the firefed !
the trophy of blackblood, the raider's razorsoul
the fearfeathered one...
be it a vassal, be it the king
this deathjewel is my poisoned sting..!!

now i bear the dustcrown and
the carrionking lies bleeding..!

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