Marco Hietala va lansa un album solo anul acesta

de Cristi Nedelcu

Marco Hietala va lansa un album solo anul acesta

Marco Hietala, basistul din Nightwish, a anuntat ca va lansa anul acesta un album solo. Acesta urmeaza sa fie disponibil de pe data de 24 Mai.

Numele discului va fi "Mustan Sydamen Rovio". Vorbind despre album intr-un interviu recent, Hietala a declarat:

"It's a lot of stuff, lyrical, musical stuff and some of them started somewhere like 10, 15 years back, little tidbits of ideas that I hadn't used. I had been waiting and it's really a load of years. Some are from the couple of years behind some ideas when we started working on this album with the guys. Like I said, even back 15 years some ideas that developed into songs or got parts in songs. It's all kinds of stuff. Of course, I've been writing a lot for TAROT and quite a few pieces of music and some lyrical stuff with NIGHTWISH, too, but these things were kind of more personal. Like I said, this album — people think of heavy metal immediately when they see me, but I figured the right term for this album would be 'hard prog.' There's some very metallic elements, but there's also a lot of acoustic and atmospheric stuff that I've been writing a lot of. It's a wide variety of items, musically."

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