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Album: Nihilist (Mkd) - Another Dispersion of Hate

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Those who have the weapon create the rules
And rules are made to be respected by fools
Fools are mediocrities system tools
That wanna push everybody in the brainwashing pools
We live in the age of high technology progress
Where most of the population falls into personal regress
Freedom is suppressed in our controlled reality
So you think the only exit is their pretty virtuallity

Internet connection or your wimpy rock'n'roll
That's where you think you will reach your goal
On their tricky illusion I'll never fall
You've got to realize it's just a modern age control

You think that now you're absolutely free
On your happiness i can only pee
Because it's not real and you can't f*****g see
You work for their and not your goals as a bee
Yesterday they wanna avoid and ignore us
Today they wanna include and exploit us
Your illusionary freedom seems like a s**t
Only methods of control are changed, that's it

Send "Modern Age Control" Ringtone to your Cell
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