Versuri Nihilist (Mkd) - Occupied

Album: Nihilist (Mkd) - Another Dispersion of Hate

I'm just a man who won't belong to a nation
But seems like they want open-mind obliteration
If we don't rise up we'll be victims of manipulation
Let's stop the new world order's creation
They try to scare us with senseless aggression
They got to figure out that we're no one's possession
Target now is __________ extinction
We'll bring 'em own with our thought infliction

Assimilation must be denied
Open minds all unite
It's better for us to turn bark to bite
If we don't wanna be occupied

Can put a body but not mind in cage
They can't realize how bitter's our rage
Neo-fascists lead to one direction
Their f****d up brains need neuro-correction
Kill & destroy to breed peace is such an absurd
Are we witnessing the start of a world war that's third
Is the reason for this an oral sexual frustration?
And motto "sucking's not sex" accepted by the nation