Versuri Nihilist (Mkd) - One Book Man

Album: Nihilist (Mkd) - Another Dispersion of Hate

The conversation starts and he starts to preach
About his heaven and hell and how he is spiritually rich
He read one book and got the god by the balls
His mind is one of the trapped into the religious walls
Pseudo-intellectual blinded by the few foolish words
His reward shall be found in one of his next worlds
Is the fear of death the reason he tries to escape
Or just the fact he's not smarter than the ape

Do they have a need to be slaves?
From the day they've read it until their graves
They're so happy living in the lies
That's why intelligence dies
Don't run your life by one book you've read
Read few others and then use your head
Use your mind and make your own choice
Or become one of their toys

Millions of true believers preaching their truth
But my brain shall not be their propaganda food
Their eyes don't go further from the content of one book
Use your eyes properly and you'll see there's so much to look
The conversation goes on and on
And so my hate burns on and on
Believe in what you want, but don't rape my mind
I can think for my self, too bad you're so blind

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