Versuri Nihilist (Mkd) - Pretty s****y City

Album: Nihilist (Mkd) - Another Dispersion of Hate

Take a look around what our city has become
All of my good memories now have turned to none
Walking through the streets it smells like s**t
We can't make it better cause we're spitting on it
I feel aversion to the nameless old street
Where the doze is taken by another kid
Everywhere i go i see the kids under age
Slowly getting locked in the narcotic cage

Pretty s****y city is becoming this place
Enslaved by brutality is losing it's old face
Merciless is here every human being
Survivors are so ruthless and mean

Some other macho guys with their hands on the gun
Will put it in your mouth just to have fun
Everyday shooting makes this place so unsafe
cause the next step in the street may be the step to your grave
For a few bucks you can touch some girl's tit
To me it's same like buying butcher's meat
Where are we going with this low morality
Better get used to it cause it's our f****d up reality?

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