Versuri Nihilist (Mkd) - Real Game

Album: Nihilist (Mkd) - Another Dispersion of Hate

Handball, is the answer
To your spirit and the anger
Power, it's in my hands
When i hold the ball in flames
Energy, i seek in me
Here I'm the man i wanna be
Discipline, is our name
You'll never understand our game

Stop the influences, get rid of the poison
That's the best way to get real
Introduce yourself to yourself by yourself
And your dignity no one can kill
Play, play the real game
Play as your hearts shows
Stay, stay true to the game
The game without fouls and free throws

So come, and fly with us
Not with your f*****g drugs
The point of no return
Is when you'll feel the adrenaline burn
Fear in you I've found
Face the death on my playground
Strength comes from pain
You'll never understand our game

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