Versuri Nihilist (Mkd) - Until I See Red

Album: Nihilist (Mkd) - Another Dispersion of Hate

Welcome to the world of mine, the world of essential hatred
Nothing's ever alright here until i see red
Sick of mediocrities whose acts can be easily predicted
I've realized their greed and became hate-addicted
I've seen your established race going straight to the void
Your afore-given patterns make your silly skinny android
Breaking the cliche I'll choose my own path of hate
The rage of pure mind makes me feel so resignated

You'll never understand the reason for my resistance
You'll never understand the strength of my persistence
I'll never play by the rules that they've set
I may lose in their eyes but I'll never regret
Still walking on the path of hate in my own stubborn way
Repulsion and blasts shall no longer be delayed
My hate has grown stronger than ever before
Seeing red here is the only thing i adore

I can't sleep in my bed - until I see red
I feel alive - when i see red
I'm part of this s**t - until I see red
But I'm satisfied - when i see red

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