Versuri Nihternnes - Crystalline Syndicate

Album: Nihternnes - The Dawning Of A New Era

Behold the crystals of the new day!
They are nothing but concrete
They were set by men
And so eventually shall wither and crumble

With power inevitably comes conflict
With conflict comes the onslaught of the powers that be
To contradict is to step out of line
To do so is to defy the restraint of morality and correctness
What are you waiting for?

Aren't we all set for death?
Aren't we all followers?
Most people don't even f*****g realise
What it is they are following
Isn't it time to begin again?

The crystals of the new day are nought but concrete
The prayers once held in the hearts of free men
Are now fragments of something
That we can no longer afford to believe in
Slaves of gods
Fear not thy glory
Take it for thyself
And rest none on fallacy