Versuri Nihternnes - In Life And In Death

Album: Nihternnes - The Dawning Of A New Era

So here we are!
At the breach between this world and the next
Stare down into that blacklustre cathedral once again, my friends
Gather in it's all encompassing fury
One last time

Who is to define the difference?
We know none of us the feeling of death
We shall not know until the ultimate
When shadows arrive for us

Could it be
That our end is indeed here?
Or shall we be reborn?
It's as they say, my friends
This is not the end
This is not the beginning
But it is an end
As it is a beginning
One unto the other
In life and in death
Until there is nothing left

We cannot say, that is to say, put our finger on such a thing
That none of us have heard, felt or seen
Therefore I am sadly forced to presume
That these are one and the same
Death is life
One unto the other
Forever it shall be

We know not what death is
None of us have felt it
Death is life
One unto the other
Forever it shall be
Until there is nothing left

Science teaches us nothing
Religion simply blurs our view
Our simple minds cannot possibly fathom anything conclusive
The s**t we create can do us nothing but harm in the long run
I see wars, famine, disease, sheer f*****g hatred
Humanity cleaved apart countless times
All one against the other
Yet still
We persist
Into the new era
It comes for us all
Grieve, my friends - it comes for us all