Versuri Nile - Wind Of Horus

Album: Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines

Ashu Give us Power
To Oppose this Legion of Shrikes
They hath Defiled our Monuments and Graves
For their Greed of Treasure
Ashu Sehu Neferui Skhenn
We Are the Breath of Horns
Hot as the Desert Wind
We are Slayers and Reapers of Men
By the Arrow Shot from Lanata
You will Fall to your Knees Dead
or Begging Quarter
Torn to Shreds by Obese Vultures
Fossilized in the Desert Sand
We are the Breath of Horns
Hot as the Desert Wind
We are the Slayers and Reapears of Men
You will Never Escape
This Valley Gallala
Left to Decompose
Forbidden the Underworld
Bemused by Battle Lust
I Gash your Throat
And Splatter your Blood
Upon the Altar of Bes
We Erect one hundred Pyramids
With your Severed Heads
Ashu Sehu Neferui Skhenn

[This song was inspired by a battle from a book caled River God by Wilbur Smith. The story takes place in the latter half of the 14th Dynasty, and is about a struggle to restore the majesty of the Pharaoh of Pharaohs. Tanus, leader of the mighties army of Egypt, the Blue Crocodile Regiment, hunted down and destroyed the Shrikes, a horrid nomadic tribe of thieves, rapists, and murderers that played the Egyptians. The title of the song, "Wind of Horus," refers to the name of the boat of the Blue Crocodile Regiment. It is an enchantment of the god Horus to cause the wind to blow the Egyptians' sails in time of need. The repeated chant in the song is to invoke the god Ashu, who robs the enemies of the Egyptians of their virtues, weakening and destroying them. The word Lanata is mentioned in the song. Lanata was a bow made for Tanus by Taita the slave and was made of wood, ebony, rhinocerus horn, and ivory tusks. The bowstring was made out of the guts of a lion that Tanus had killed with his bronze-bladed war spear. Tanus was probably the only one in his army strong enough to use the Lanata bow. It had so much tension that he had to use a different technique just to pull the bowsting back. Tanus practised until he could shoot three arrows at a time piercing the heaviest of armor.]

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