Versuri Nine Inch Nails - The Beginning of the End

Album: Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero

You'll see us on the belltower,
Down on your knees,
You'll spot us on the knoll,
You'll be left behind.
You can brand us extremists,
This is the beginning.
And that's all you'll ever know,
Watch what you think,

They can read your mind.
You can order from your oval,
This is the beginning.
You can drink from your white tower,
I got my mob scene in my eyes
You can ignore the voices of the people,
This is the beginning.
We wish you could stand a little taller.
Well, my reflection I don't recognize

This is the beginning
Worn down and wearing suits,

We're finally growing up,
We think we've come so high
Like a wound that starts to fester,
Above all the backs we've come down
The end is coming soon,
We face no consequence

This is the beginning of the end
We're going to get your attention,

By any means we can,
You wait your turn,
Hold this lighter to the cloth,
you'll be last in line
Maybe then you'll understand,
This is the beginning

Get out the way,
Yeah, it's the beginning,
Cause I'm getting mine.
And you'll find yourself rewound,
This is the beginning
As you dangle by your necktie,
There are someones that can help themselves.
Just stories from the ground.
This is the beginning.

May be too late, as far as I can tell.
How's this for social insecurity?
This is the beginning.
As your consensus dwindles,

Like the embers of the fire,
We think we've come so far,
We will be there...
On all our lies been taken.

They say no consequence.

This is the beginning of the end.