Versuri No Mads - Devils Sign

Album: No Mads - No Hush Till Thrash

"Be good" I've heard that all my life.
Today again I see her face,
she asks "don't ever cry".

My tears, the sign of the biggest lie.
I feel the first blood, on my hands.
It's time to say "goodbye"

My worlds shows me how to make a choice.
Every day tells me, which way to go.
Evil, good, blood, crime, belief in god...

Mother where are You?
Tell me "Be good"!

Nightfall, darkness makes me brave and strong.
Nobody sees my face, my hand can fall like stone!

On kness! More power, gold and pain!
I feel blood on my hands again.
It's time to choose the way!

My world shows me how to make...

"Be cursed" I hear that all my life.
Today again I see her face,
she screams "now You must cry!"

Today is my last chance!
To choose the right way!
The left or the right one!
I'm a harvest of blood!

Be cursed!

On my breast old devil's sign!
I'm a king of painful world!
I see death and scream around,
be my servant! Die in flames!

You hear my voice on TV!
You work every day for me!
You love money (my old child)!
I'm a part of Your life!

I'm Your master!
Lord of Your mind!
Escape from here!