Versuri No Mads - Reverend Terrorist

Album: No Mads - The Age of Demise

We don’t want to know your name!
We don’t need to see your face!
Show us your innocent soul
Full of faith and full of love

The only right!
The only truth!
The only way!
The only aim…
Deaf crowd! Blind minds!

Almighty sign on piece of paper
Indicates who’s child of God.
Instructions have been recorded
In your naive children’s mind,

The only right! …

Go to Mass!
Be to confession!
Listen to sermon!
Charge for salvation!

Faithful army, obedient army, blind army!
Faithful army, obedient army, fanatic army!

Greed, hypocrisy and dust!
Sinful hearts and rows of Saints.
White is black and black is white.
Truth has gone, now truth means lie!

The only right! …