Versuri NO RETURN - Soul's Virginity

Album: NO RETURN - Seasons Of Soul

First Hour Of Existence
First Contact With The Bright Light
Strange Weird Sounds Awful Touch
The New Born And His First Perceptions

First Scream Evidence Of Fear
Call In This Unknown Life
Who Are You Where Are You
Imagine The Contact Of An Idle Mother To
Comfort Her Child

Have You Lost Your Virginity
Have You Ever Lost Your Virginity
Are You Afraid To Lose It Perhaps Yeah Not

You Re Afraid Of My Words But It S Still
Not Act

Who Am I ? Who Am I ?
Not A Perverse Person I Know I Am Just
Like You

I An Just Like You

I Dont Speak About Sexual Act
That Must Appear To Be A Joy Or An Atrocity
Try To Understand Me

I Think About Hard Moments
When Harmful Enemies Will Fill Your Soul
Your Innocence The Accident Caused By The Intruding Criminals

Shred That Will Authorize Your Self Clean
Blood To Flow
Your Clean Blood What Loop Hole To This Insult 7

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