Versuri Noctiferia - Never Rue

Album: Noctiferia - Per Aspera

A birth from primordial vice
This sight I witness frequently

The hate i caught amongst these
walls of soil
Enticed by clouds
Higher and higher

The eye was strained to gaze upon the routed
None shivering, no more hiding
No one shouted

For haze did hid the fear of brave
And pride, enticed by triumph-wish
Deeper and deeper

Not chained by orders I care...

Cold of age grim features
Upon my face worn
Now bearing within it's shades
My great soul torn

Lest I should not stand here
With deeds forgotten
Gazing throughout them
Ever reasoning

Lest I should stand here
Leaning on Death's shoulder
Burden was thrown
Ever falling

A view of trembling
I fought to see
So dark, so unique
Thy coming kingdom

this Over-god feature
I give my heart
A relieving existence

No sin now is cherished
My grief forgotten
Of pain I still wander
But never rue!

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