Versuri Noctiferia - Seething Eye

Album: Noctiferia - Per Aspera

A gaze into the sky
If there are heavens, then Id' want to die
The realms unseen, so pure, thus clean
This life I can no longer vie

For what can I, a man, receive
A life eternal? No, I can't believe
My thoughts more keen
Turning whole into the One Great Sin

Forget existence!
Avoid the misery and pain
Cries won't wash your pain away!
Blasphemy puts God astray

Forget existence!
Beyond life
Forget life!
Wash your heart in the seas of death

Still they lead into the dreams unreal
Stealing hearts for their forage
For none are granted to them

I saw a Man(?) crossing my land
Of splendid gates He came
Rules to obey
Make night into a day
Strangled before I screamed for you name

Here I stand of life unleashed
Clouds in storms above me seethe
My call to earth and heavens too
With darkened horror will imbue
And time
And life
Of Man and God

Now I walk upon the water
Where your lives rust and rot

I saw a Man(?) crossing my land
to my land of Death He came

No rule to obey
No night nor a day

Strangled before you screamed for my name

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