Versuri Nocturnal Fear - Burning in the Void

Album: Nocturnal Fear - Sterilize and Exterminate

Beyond the gates hell awaits
Scene of bloody gore you're at death's door
Shadows in the deep the end is now complete
Baptized by fire beg for forgiveness but there is none

Kneel befire the master its time to be judged
Trapped in the abyss you must pay for your life
white hot embers burn away your flesh
Leaving you in torment that will never end

Legions of darkness will rape your soul
Minions of evil hell and brimstone
From out of the fire demons will rise
To torture your soul servants of the dark lord
Behold the misery burning in the void
Spirits of the undead burning with hate
This is your destiny, this is your fate

Evil incarnate born of hell
Spawn of Satan sworn to the black
Abominations ready for attack
For the souls of the fallen there's no turning back
Trinity denied in the realm of the dead
Bloody blasphemy sadistic intent dawn of decay
Your Armageddon has now begun
Legions of darkness will rape your soul
Minions of evil, hell and brimstone

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