Versuri Nocturnal Fear - Sterilize and Exterminate

Album: Nocturnal Fear - Sterilize and Exterminate

Survival is our only need
Must purify the vile plague
Sterilize the enemy
Exterminate the chosen race

The last dawn arises across the crimson sky
Graveyard of the living awaiting their demise
Prisoners of war marched through the frigid cold
Life flows from bullet holes into the blood red snow

Eugenically bred legions horde
March in death formation
Refugees forced on trains
Bound for deportation

Obscure sect malignant disease
Arrogence bred into their genes
Compelled by madness into paranoia
Polluted in blood parasitic disorder

Sterilize the enemies
Exterminate the chosen race
Sterilize and exterminate x4

Artillery and snipers a rifle butt to the head
Mass grave of twisted corpses caught in a hall of lead
Panzers advance the front lines cities burn in flames
Survivors get no quarter they'll all die in pain

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