Versuri Nocturnal Rites - Cuts Like A Knife

Album: Nocturnal Rites - Grand Illusion

There it comes the ship of nails
Down the river its setting sails
Now I see why theyre all so pale

(I carry the dead and the bizarre, I am Naglfar)

What would you recommend?
Could you help me to comprehend?
Will this mean Im forever condemned?

(Well, thats what you get for killing your best friend)

Dont get me wrong
I killed him all right,
But he stabbed me first
Im not the one, but thats not the worst...

It cuts like a knife
(An eye for an eye)
It cuts like a knife
(Ive come for your life)

I dont know, what to do
Cant you see what Im going through?
Here I am, if I only knew

(Im back to reign again)

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