Versuri Nocturnal Rites - Deliverance

Album: Nocturnal Rites - Grand Illusion

Its like you said,
The world is growing colder
Its in our eyes, we know
That its dying
No return, the weight is on
Our shoulders
So who do we turn to?
Where do we go now?

Their empty hearts,
Two faced and brazen
They turned their backs and tried to,
See it through
We know theyd all agree,
Tomorrows a memory
And its all because of you

We are calling for deliverance
Because we know its over soon
We are calling for deliverance
And we know, yes we know that we all
Wait for the call

Its like they knew,
The world was going under
Here we are, left, torn asunder
Now that all is lost,
No one would disagree
That its all because of you

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