Versuri Nocturnal Rites - Not The Only

Album: Nocturnal Rites - The 8th Sin

Lying awake, alone in my bed
Voices are calling from inside my head
Youd be surprised, if you knew what they really said

From my dark rooms, Ive shut the world out
I hide from the word cant you see,
(its) too painful to talk about
Im not what I used to be

Some things we leave alone
And wish that wed never known
And sometimes we go too far
To hide our scars

I am not the only,
The only one who runs
No, I am not the only one
And when its down
To wire we all run
Im not the only one

Break down the door;
Let in the light
Im not the same anymore,
I have to come clean you know
These loose ends just got to go

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