Versuri Nocturnal Rites - Pain & Pleasure

Album: Nocturnal Rites - The 8th Sin

Hear you call for me
Its too late, cant you see?
Couldnt help, they spit on you, and called you fool
I believe it just slipped my mind
That I left you behind
I cant help, you died that day that I betrayed

On and on

Pain or pleasure
There is no distinction
You will see, someday
That pain is just one step away
Pain or pleasure
There is no distinction
Wish I could explain
That pleasure is equal to pain

I am over you
I keep telling myself
Couldnt help,
They made you plead,
Made you bleed
I am sorry for what they did
Wasnt me, god forbid
It hit me now, Im just like them,
Or worse somehow

Now youre gone

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