Cool And Unusual Punishment Chords - NOFX

These are the basic chords you need to play the song.  I don't have the riff between the
and Verse worked out yet.  During the verses (except Verse 3) play the high part of the
 Its easy to figure out the rhythm if you listen to the song.


 A        D        E              A
Absolute shibari, cold noodles and hot sake

 F#m                B               D       E
The mistress bar in Roppongi is the place

 A            D                E                     A
For Japanese hardcore, not the kind youre gonna find at the record store

 F#m         B               E
Not the kind designed for the kind hearted


F#5             D5
Do not pass go, do not get bail

E5             A5
Go directly to Osaka Jail

F#5                     D5               E5
Where you get locked or drunk under the table

PRE-VERSE (Behind guitar riff)

A    D    A    E (2x)

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