Versuri Nomans Land - Ulvsjar

Album: Nomans Land - Farnord

The shadow glimpsing on water surface
Vanished in the white Moon phantom light
Steam gushing out of the pharynx of wolf
Flying over the lake

The grinding of the sword against the armour's chains
And living flesh penetrated by the wolf's claws
Howling of wolf and howling of the wind

Einherjer - the warriors of battles no count
Courage gets beyond the power of sword
The courage in your heart is flooding there as the lake of red
The only thing eternally you hear is the howling of the wind

Red circles drawn by serpent's tale
Reflecting fear on the enemy shields
He's singing song of battles gone
Protruding shield against the beast

You know - courage gets beyond the power of sword
And heart hot as wolf burning breathe
Eternal wind is howling for you
Konung of battle feasts