Versuri Nominon - Bane Appetite

Album: Nominon - Terra Necrosis

Not aware or suspicious
Swallow the last bite, oh it was so delicious
Can’t even begin to imagine the conspiracy to come

Pain inside, total ache, no strength to fight
Into a paralyzing fright
Substance spreading through the veins
Intoxicating cells
Feeling weak, ill, sick and dying

Running out of time

Injection of hell
Into the scorching flames
Organs malfunction, pissing blood
Toxic radiation convulsions, vomit in agony
Pain is severe, poisoned right through
Aged one year a day
Just want to die

Sweaty skin shifting colour, is this my last supper?

Vicious decay, half life passed by
Skin hanging in threads from the flesh
Peeling off the bruised wound
Slow decay
Green skin sore underneath
Toxic radiation Polonium 210

Don’t want to die like this

Sweaty skin shifting colour, I’m about to die

Crawling on the floor
A moving pile of gore