Versuri Nominon - Black Chapel

Album: Nominon - Terra Necrosis

A burning flame in the heart of a dark vision ignited and shared with his god
Smart assassin searches through the halls in the calm of the water
No one suspects the worst

Summon for confession, this will be their blackest supper
Revenge for religious repression, no need to pray forgiveness
With a hidden smile he forsees their end so near

Eat the flesh of Christ, drink the blood, swallow his life
Disciple sip the communion wine spiked with cyanide

Open mouth, black tongue squirms
When you’re dead, when you’re gone you’ll know
What a worthless piece of s**t you are
With a smile he is satisfied, he sips the communion wine

Life beyond – I will enlighten you
The embrace of God, soon you’ll enter his world

With every drop, with every kill
You get closer to God, closer to me

Like the puppet you are, you die

No time for regrets
Mission accomplished
The will is done
Bow for me

Death twitches twice, the book isn’t the way nor the pray
He found them a shortcut from life to where they always wished to be

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