Versuri Nominon - Night of Damnation

Album: Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed

[Music: Jonas Mattsson, Lyrics: Jonas Mattsson / Nicke Holstenson]

Utmost agony and hate want to end my worthless life
I summon the spirits from hell, darkness urges for my soul
I slit my throat and watch the blood cover the moisty
My soul starts the journey to become one with evil

I saw weeping angels fall from the sky to burn for eternity
The glorious fire eternal cleanse their putrefying souls
With delight in my eyes, I saw them rise to hail
My lord from hell
Their hearts turned to black, black as
This night of damnation

Superior powers Raged within
Bring forth My infant supreme
Cursed realm Oh, mighty abyss
Untamed reign Blood Sacrifice
Drink the blood

In the halls of obscurity
Ceremony for sacrificial rites
Raising my dagger to fulfill his
Needs, stabbing with morbid lust
In ecstasy I drink the blood and
Smear the entrails of the infant
I have prevailed, Im a servant to
The lord of lies, mortal cries

This is the night of damnation

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