Versuri Nominon - Release In Death

Album: Nominon - Terra Necrosis

No law or order, machete corruption
Judgement in the twilight zone, revenge is called upon
Inner sanctum in the heart of dark and light
The Loa guide never divides, Bokon’s time to punish has arrived

Gain strength through ritual sacrifice

Poison drug is prepared, the process starts, you will appear dead
A dark world that drives you insane, into the coffin you’re now laid
From behind the wall in your nightmare crypt, the sobs of your loved ones you hear
Paralyzed and low of life, you’re about to be buried alive

Dirt in your tomb, darkness embraces
You never got a chance to get away
Loved ones gone
New life in zombie slavery

Insects crawling upon the skin
No strength to move
Still paralyzed down in this hell hole

Eyes turn white
From the grave reborn

Dirt in your life

Beginning in the end, supression and abuse
Only terror and emptiness behind those lifeless eyes
Once free now under the masters whip of slavery
Future bear nothing but pain, zombies only release is in death

Dirt in your tomb

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