Versuri Nominon - Servants of the Moonlight

Album: Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed

[Music: Juha Sulasalmi, Lyrics: Nicke Holstenson]

Twilight Sombre eyes gave through the mist
Darkness Vicious glance lurks in the shadows
So divine Enchanted by the light with power intense
Howlings Gather my legions of the night

Hunger With furious rage they search for pray
Foaming Sharp edged fangs cutting into throats
Pools of blood Cover the ground with bowels and flesh
Expire Another life will soon fade away

Twilight Darkness Divine Howlings
Hunger Foaming Blood Expire

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Servants of the moonlight

Dominion Once again the hunger grow
Hunting the only marks is paws in the snow
Starvation Gorgeous legions run with the moon
Devote them or die, youll hear them soon

Servants of the moonlight

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