Versuri Nominon - Sickening

Album: Nominon - Recremation

Remove what wasn't meant to be
Absurdity has grown out of proportion
Gore to the core depart from it
Less than a fifty chance survival soaked in filth

Let the scalpel cut away the sickening growth
That sickening plague
That sickening part of you

With every night with every dream
Deformation inside like a parasite within
In the abattoir, abortion cut the bond
Traumatic rotten scenery

Beg for your miserable life
No use it's hell that awaits you
Cut off that sickening part
Cut up rip apart
Grotesque transformation
Pulse is weak so are your hope
The plague that infest your soul
That sickening part is you
Cut up mutilate
Cut off depart from yourself

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