Versuri Nominon - Sodoms Fall

Album: Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed

[Music: Jonas Mattsson / Juha Sulasalmi, Lyrics: Nicke Holstenson]

Eternal sins released in Sodom
Desecrating the force of god
Worshippers of unholy gods
Sacrifices of infants blood
p**s on the holy words
And deny the laws of God
Jehova You bastard

1,000 days of perversions
1,000 nights of incestions
1,000 days of blasphemy
1,000 nights of sodomy

Blackest blood filled with hate
Scorn upon the Christian faith
Stone by Stone goes straight to hell
The end is here chime the bell

Gods wrath was unleashed in the heart of Sodom
They suffered all the agonies of the damned
Now they regret their sins and desires
All the sinners now burn in the hellish fire

This was Sodoms fall
Hear the demons call
The history wont tell
How they burn in hell

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