Versuri Nominon - Tabula Rasa

Album: Nominon - Terra Necrosis

A blank page to form and fill
The abstract absurdity to get control of my dreams
Shattered thoughts inflict with reality
My mind sets off on a journey on its own into misery

Anger, aggression out of control
The mind living on its own
Can never be saved
Just condemned my-self to death
Surrender my will, I’m about to explode
How can I bear this horrible truth?
Something I can’t understand

So many things I want you to know

Enemies behind every face
Every one wants to see me dead
Spinning thoughts in an endless loop
A ticking bomb waiting to explode

So many things I can never undo

A victim of my own dark sickness
An outcome no one ever could forsee
It was not me but a monster inside
Paranoia desperation set free

If you for a while could be me
So that I clearly could see
So many things I didn’t know I was able to do
Like the murder of you

Can’t repair what I caused
A horror world swirls around
An escape from disillusion
Please hand me the solution

No turning back, for once I’m clear in my head
Can only end this by my own hand
Is this how I can repay my deeds?
This is what I can do at least
The page I can not reset, my future lies after death

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