Versuri Nominon - The Sufferer

Album: Nominon - Diabolical Bloodshed

[Music: Juha Sulsalmi, Lyrics: Nicke Holstenson]

There I was, nailed to the stake, screaming
The stench of burning flesh filled the air
I spread my wings to reach for the sky
For salvation, a warlock is disguise

Ill meet my fate, above the stars Ill dwell
Ill meet my fate, the utter universal hell

Fly through dark horizons
Desperately searching for the light
A passage approaches before me
Im trembling with right

Ive entered the passage of pain
Where souls cry out in vain
The light of salvation seek
No hope for redemption I see

Wrapped around in darkness and suffocating clouds
Benighted creatures chanting, trial of the damned
Predict the book of life, unforgivable sins on earth
In despair I faced my sentence, the gauntlet of pain

Emerging beasts, I flee towards the saving light
Jaws of venomous fangs cutting deep into my soul
Winged assassins charging with claws of sharpest steel
Rip my flesh to shreds, to the superior one I kneel

Everlasting torment Neverending pain
Everlasting torment Neverending..pain

Fettered by spells of fire, cosmic spirits desire
Uncanned torture awaits me, as the flames reaches higher
Ill meet my hell

Ive entered the passage of pain
Where souls cry out in vain
The light of salvation I seek
No hope for redemption I see

Dragged through eternal fire and walls of poisoned thorns
Sadistic ghouls of Hades longing for my soul
Screaming, pleading, Im skinned alive
Burning, screaming, Im consumed by fire
They rip my soul to shreds, cant endure no more
Prepare the fest, Oh Noooooo!

There I was lying on the altar of pain
And as the last piece of my flesh was swallowed by the demons
I realized that I was the sufferer, and that I have finally paid
For my malicious deeds