Versuri Non Divine - New Die-Hard Vampire

Album: Non Divine - Asylum 45

Oh yeah!

Since a few years I have been sentenced to live further in here where they treat me for my state of mind. The decision came from the court
'cause I instinctively hurt the girls I find. Then there is no way back. After my kiss I attack. All I need is blood and I am ready for
more. A sweet neck of a girl I bite and they scream for sure.

Seducing girls was never hard. They like my look that is not like the other guys. Black coat, tied hair and the ominous look that's in my


Bear it in mind and realize a new die-hard vampire is born.

Their therapy will not change me. That would take a very long time. Yeah, I'm an immortal dark angel, the years can fled by I don't give a
dime. Since I was born to darkness and forever young, I was still flesh and blood but not of a human kind. I was ready to 'roll but the
world did mind.

Doctors wonder why I eat all the food that the staff has to give to me. And months without blood should be impossible for what I intend to
be. Seized coffin. No wandering at midnight. Not hurt by the sun. But I'm a modern type of evil that can live with all the fun.