Versuri Non Divine - Sleep

Album: Non Divine - Asylum 45


I don't wanna sleep. I don't wanna sleep it's too early now. But I'm in too deep. I don't wanna weep. I'm too restless now.

Can't stand those nightmares I am going through. Even a blink of an eye and I will see the dreams reveal.

I resign myself to a team that is specialized. This only happens at night. 'Cause when I awake it's all gone again.

(under hypnosis)

What I see is like a cocoon. Huge, brown and transforming soon. ....and something sticky that entangles me. I can't get out. In other
parts there's a sort of alien that I fear. It runs after me, ..... coming near. I was inside. That cockroach creature was I.

I'm tired of waking up shaking and screaming loud. Bathing in sweat. Fear and anguish written in my eyes. Inside my room. Outside the
door. My life was totally unsound. Not capable of making it through the day.