Versuri Non Divine - Visions

Album: Non Divine - Asylum 45

Let me leave now from this place my work ain't done.
The powers have reached me deep inside.
They said earth's paradise will soon be gone.

Holy Mary has given me a sign about the soon adversity.
I nosed around, took preparations. I'm chosen to save humanity.


And I can't blame myself for what I see,
the visions taking over me, and they will keep us alive.
But try to see I need to tell world's destiny and protect us from agony.
My visions keep us alive.

I was in trance and got a message from the holy mother of God.
She tells me things so odd.

Fate has changed, so I, I will not tell you a lie.
It's not strange the crowd is scared.
Their lives have attuned to be prepared.

In stead of being grateful they are harping about those who are in too deep. But very soon there will come an other disaster that only I
can keep.