Versuri NON SERVIAM - Melody Of Grief

Album: NON SERVIAM - Between Light And Darkness

Like a wind she flew into his life
Storm of hers cut deeper than a knife
In the night the sky was coloured red
Painted by her blood when she fell, dead

Mourning longing to see her
Falling into insanity

Oh, what a pain to bear
To never see her face
The one I held so dear
Vanished from this mortal place

Feel no fear my beloved one
My soul is still with you
When death your life has won
It'll always be us two

Oh gods, please hear our call
Bring peace to our minds
Before summer turns to fall
He'll die to meet her
me once again

Darkness deep like night fills up his mind
Mortals of this earth not of his kind
Blood is flowing heartbeat starts to cease
Soon he thinks, I'll meet the one I love
His mind has found it's peace

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