Versuri NON SERVIAM - Sex - Religion - Suicide

Album: NON SERVIAM - Necrotical

The gates of hell, sacrifice, resurrection
Condemn my soul to burn
The flames lick my languishing body
Attracting me to the uttermost darkness

Riding the devil's whores, flagellation
Life forgives me no more, open my veins

Engulfed by chaos I'm shedding my blood
The living will not mourn
Scattered in torment and eternal pain
In darkness I'm reborn

Travel of distant places, of which no mortal have seen
Floating religiously unconscious,
To find my left hand path
The pain of life now return

- Yes son?
Let me burn
Jehovah, I want to f**k you all night long

Sex, religion, suicide
Sex, religion, suicide
Sex, religion, suicide
Sex, religion...

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