Versuri NON SERVIAM - The Enchanting Dance Of Mischief

Album: NON SERVIAM - Between Light And Darkness

Her arch smile just left her lips as the wind concer to started to play
The gambol around started at first but came to feel soothing after a while
Like morphia, the ranting drags her into a world of unknown evils
And seafens her mind for grief and nausea

Dismembered minds turned into clandestine seas of grief
The occurence of evil set to sanctify love as terminable life
Calm, oblivious words distorted to phrases of evil mankind
Faces, traces, monotonous phrases, stagnation is a movement in me

Come with me, kneel in the dance of mischief
Blaspheme, bow for the ruler of grief
Leaves hanging down from the tree sorrow, shadowing thoughts, diminishing sight
Ecclesiastical speech rapped in velvet clothing, prowess is preaching
Deathening rhymes, sounding, sending away
The stars are silent listeners, they come out at night they say
Lay down for an endless decay

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