Versuri Norther - Hellhole

Album: Norther - Solution 7

My life is hell and im living in a hole of my own
No way out,im going insane,there's no way out
This hole is killing my hope of life,and everything
seems so sensless,f**k this life,its worthless to live
In a hole

I dont want to live to this life anymore,i want more
Pain and agony,sorrow and grief, till i bleed
Touch of death is coming for me, and im ready
i'll die in my hole and i just f*****g love it

Hellhole,that's the place i want to be,all alone
Hellhole,is my home and im not gonna leave
Hellhole,it's only for me
Hellhole,my hell's my heaven my everything

[Solo: Kride]
[Solo: Pete]

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