Versuri Norther - Self-Righteous f**k

Album: Norther - N

      What you said me today
made me realize it's too late
to set you free
to s**t on (?) soul
What did I believe
what did I still believe
that you can't be real
even though you are full of s**t

(Self-righteous f**k)

You feel the throat
I'm crazy to feel your lips
You fear it all
and I despise you for the
self-righteous f**k
And you make me see
contagious till the end
I will make it stop

It's too late
for you
to save yourself
It's too late
for me
to save myself


Now you prepare
to meet your destiny
To face the truth
eyes wide open to see
Can you know where
the door waiting the one
Do you still say
that there's nothing wrong with me


[chorus x2]

(Self-righteous f**k)

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