Versuri Nostradameus - Hymn To Theese Lands

Album: Nostradameus - The Prophet Of Evil

Still I remember a time, many years ago
They lived in a foreign land, and dwelled there evermore
The rivers were running fast, and birds they sang their songs
Ancient rocks were breething life and lust

(The) State in our hearts, of everlasting peace
With beautiful landscapes in our arms embraced
Together we sing our hymn to this land
The future of thy soul is in our hands

The king was a man we loved, the wisest of them all
He also had a son, inheritor of the crown
In years that would come, he would be the king
But sometimes life plays tricks on you and me


[Solo Jake / Michael / Jake / Michael]

The rivers are running fast, and birds they sings their songs
Ancient rocks are breething life and lust




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