Versuri Noumena - Overture To An End

Album: Noumena - Pride / Fall

I would come back to say the words
But I dream of a little sacrifice
That will alter my destiny's place in life

I can see, the autumn leaves have fallen for me
In the end there's nothing but this solution
When destiny fails, will my pain fade away?

I see no point in going on
Will my heart encounter the trembling stars?

My pretended guilt bleeds for eternity,
For an obsolete, fragmented mind
Why can't I deny my frailty,
A crave for everything that is denied
Take me away, shattered illusion
To the settlement of the most
Bring back all my outcast emotions
Devastate my empty flicker of hope

I have no one in this life
I will congricate all my fragmented thoughts
With vacant stare I will burn them away

I have a feeling that I have learned to embrace
All the solemn but fragile ways of fate
The grotesque carnal pleasures of shame

I see no point in going on
When all else fails, nothing but death remains

Will you be beside me
When the prudence begins to fall
Will you belong to a thought
Of everythings bitter end
Will you be beside me
When the creation begins to fail
Will you belong to this thought
When nothing else in this world no longer remains but shame and misery

I will cry inside
My devotion to life
Is stronger than all my fears
I will fail inside
My sinister treasure beside
The fall of furious dreams

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