Versuri NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Great Depression

Album: NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Survive

You're always sticking your nose into my life I wish you would leave me alone
Why can't you just shut your mouth and keep your mind off my life and onto your own
Why can't you leave me alone, I don't want your goddamned help
I don't recall asking you to stick your nose in my life
Why can't you mind your own f*****g business leave my life alone
Tis is my life to live
Maybe I've got problems but I've also got a mind to selve them by myself
I don't want to hear your answers they don't apply so just keep them to yourself

Take your help and shove it you don't have all of the answers I have some as well
I tell you right now if you don't stop you'll put me inside of a hite padded cell

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