Versuri NUCLEAR ASSAULT - The Forge

Album: NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Something Wicked

A strange feeling has come over me
A change of my mind and a change of my soul
Turning my back on the life I once knew
Sacrificing everything that I hold

Becoming something foul and obscene
Losing the will to do as I feel
I feel now that I've lost all that I've loved
Promises forgotten friendships left in the dust

A meeting years ago and far from my home
Now I try to remain true to your memory
Time goes by and years work their way on me
Memories dim as my body grows old

A life of wandering alone is what I have made
Too late now I have learned what I regret

My eyes see more than most,
Maybe I see more than I want to see
My ears hear more than most,
Maybe I hear more than I want to hear
My mouth says more than most,
Maybe I say more than I want to say
My heart feels more than most,
Maybe I feel more than I want to feel

Now I break free from the chains of my own self restraint
No more will I be bound by outside constraints
I'll find the source of strength within myself
No more will I let myself be less than I am.

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