Versuri NU.CLEAR.DAWN - Falcon And Crow

Album: NU.CLEAR.DAWN - Poem Of A Knight

[I - The Falcon]

When you need to find the truth
You will have to search for the light
But what if your soul has no value
And what if you have no rights
The Meaning of life
In this age of slavery
Castles and Lairs
Humiliated to stay alive
You're Selling your blood
While the falcons are drinking your cup

And the lord is the master
Reading his own Chapter
In the book of life
Written by himself

He is eating in a golden spoon
While a spouse offers a flower to his bride
Till when the child will cry
On his unseen father's tomb
When the flower has wilted
And the father Died
The Meaning of life
In this age of slavery

[II - The Crow]

The crow was watching the spirit of love
Taking his way trough the two young hearts
But that can't be done in the falcon's book of life

A thousand evil flames turning around his eyes
Dark ignoble thoughts has knitted for the knight
His black wings bit the falcon's head so long
Made him believe, sin will follow his name

And that relationship will lead him down to blame
And all that it will bring, it will bring the shame
So he took his new washed mind, to a journey of devil's dance
At last the falcon decided, "I want his head at once"