Versuri Obituary - Body Bag

Album: Obituary - Cause Of Death

You're rising.
killing of the dead.
Body in the shadow.
Calling of the dead.

You're dying.
Live beyond the way.
Falling through the gates.
Scavenge you, with the darkening light.

Through the falling going low
To the death of those, the dying.

We're dying.
Healing of the one.
Falling of the days.
Charring in the sun.

We're dying.
Killing of the need.
Violence of the ways.
Slowly bleed.

Killing for the need.
You're fallen dead.
Rising of the dead.
With the fallen ways.

Rising from the dead, with you.
The killing for the need.
The darkened light.

The rising of the dead.
The glories killed.
Rising from the dead
With the darkened light.

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