Versuri Obituary - World Demise

Album: Obituary - World Demise

I have found, you have found
Before you, living grown.
Come to pain, for life.
Follow my fear, existing to die.

The coming fall and following in my steps.
Do live out all my life.
Do remain in constant fear.
Going to sigh and hasten to burn.

I'm the one who finds and paid to live in your light
And with the light, a cross between sin.
The fall to two. lies great divide, in silence.
And counting graves lies full.

Go to die.
Come to burn.
World demise.

Go we'll die.
The shocked earth groans.
The world demise.

World demise.
Go to die.
Come to burn.

The world demise
World demise. [x2]

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